Building your eCredable profile is as easy as linking your online utility accounts

By Steve Ely on 1/9/2017
The majority of the bill payment history contained in your eCredable Credit Report comes from you utility accounts.  In 2016, we added the capability to link up to 8 eligible utility accounts - gas, water, power, mobile phone, land lineinternet, cable and satellite TV.  It's much easier - and much cheaper - to add payment information to your eCredable Credit Report when you link accounts.  Before you get started, make sure you already have online accounts set up at your utility companies.  When you link these accounts to your eCredable profile you'll need to share your log-in credentials so we can access your account and download up to 24 months of payment history.  Then every month going forward, we'll log-in again and get the current months payment history.  


And here's an added bonus.  All the information we're able to download will allow us to gather the data necessary to demonstrate how useful this payment history would be if it were added to your credit file at one of the major credit bureaus.  Just imagine adding your mobile phone, internet, power and gas bills to your credit bureau credit file and impacting your FICO Score!  That's what we're working on and you can help us help you by making this a reality.  The more accounts you link, the faster we get the data we need.  So spread the word to your friends and get them to help out too!

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Can I Get Last-Minute Insurance for Hurricane Matthew?

By Steven Shaw on 10/6/2016

Can I Get Last-Minute Insurance for Hurricane Matthew?

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For homeowners in the path of Hurricane Matthew who are uninsured or underinsured, it’s probably too late to get or add coverage. That’s because insurance companies generally stop writing coverage as soon as an area is under a hurricane warning.


Why do Millenials have subprime credit?

By Steve Ely on 10/6/2016

There's more than one way to move out of the subprime credit category into the near prime or even prime credit category.  

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How to Build Credit Without Going Into Debt

By Steven Shaw on 7/7/2016


Unless you were born in some remote location and lived off the grid your entire life, it’s not news to you that good credit is needed to function in today’s society. Your credit history is what indicates your trustworthiness to lenders, stores, and even employers and landlords. Bad credit or no credit is a major barrier preventing some from attaining good interest rates or securing a new lease agreement, among other things. There’s really no point in me stressing the utter importance of having a good credit score. That’s a given. But for those of you who fear having outstanding loans, balances on credit cards, or debt of any kind, how does one achieve good credit?

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My Free Credit Scores Are All Different. What Gives?

By Steven Shaw on 7/6/2016


There are lots of places that offer free credit scores nowadays, but not every score is the same. Even when you pull your free credit scores, chances are the scores will be different.

Why is that?

Watch Out for Charity Scams in Wake of the Orlando Shooting

By Steven Shaw on 6/15/2016



In the wake of the Orlando shooting, many want to help victims and their families by giving donations. Unfortunately, scammers may try to take advantage of their kindness.

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Does Everything on My Credit Report Affect My Credit Scores?

By Steven Shaw on 5/27/2016



Credit reports, as you’ve no doubt heard, are tremendously important. After all, the information on them dictates your credit scores, which, in turn, dictate whether you’re able to readily score things like a mortgage, auto loan, credit card and even affordable insurance or cellphone plans.

But not every piece of information on that crucial report carries weight.

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Help! I Think Someone Opened a Credit Card in My Name

By Steven Shaw on 5/18/2016

Maybe it’s a sudden influx of subprime credit card offers in your mailbox. Or a bill from an issuer you don’t recognize. Or, even, a debt collection notice regarding a charged-off account you never opened.

Whatever telltale sign emerges, you now have reason to believe a credit card has been taken out in your name. While it can be hard to quell your panic, there are some steps you can take to remedy the situation and prevent further identity theft from taking place.

Here’s how to address a fraudulent credit card account.

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Google Bans Ads for Payday Loans

By Steven Shaw on 5/12/2016

Effective July 13, Google is banning ads for payday loans and related products, the company said Wednesday in a statement. With this, Google will not display ads for loans that require payment within 60 days of the date of issue. In the U.S., ads for loans with an APR of 36% or higher will also not be shown.

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How Much Student Loan Debt Is Too Much? Here’s a Formula to Figure it Out

By Steven Shaw on 5/6/2016


Much has been made of the student loan problem. While you’d be hard pressed to find disagreement that it’s an issue, there is plenty of disagreement about how bad things really are. On the one hand, it’s easy to find stories chronicling massive default rates (12%), oppressive $800-a-month loan payments and the big one: total outstanding student loan debt now dwarfs total credit card debt.

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