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How to Get a Credit Card If You Are a Student

By Steven Shaw on 12/5/2013

how to get a credit card if you are a student

Wanting or needing credit isn’t always as simple as filling out an application. Even college students, who have a lot of financial services marketed to them, may face obstacles when trying to get a credit card.

Why? A lot of it comes down to their credit history — or lack thereof. The length of your credit history has an impact on your credit scores — the longer your history of responsible credit usage, the better. Many 18-year-olds heading to college don’t have any credit history, which makes them an unknown to many lenders who may not be as willing to approve them for a credit card.

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CFPB Shifts Focus to Student Money Issues

By Steven Shaw on 2/8/2013


As part of its ongoing effort to better protect consumers of all ages from potentially unfair or misleading accounts that can land them in money trouble, one federal watchdog is now collecting data related to financial products specifically for young adults.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently began asking college students to provide it with information related to the kinds of bank accounts and credit cards that are specifically targeted for their age group, in an effort to better understand the kinds of financial decisions and situations young adults face in their everyday lives, according to a report from the agency. While there have been many regulations put into place to better protect younger consumers who might be getting their first taste of financial independence in particular, the agency feels it needs to examine just how these accounts are working under the new regulatory microscope.

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