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The Complete Guide to Finding Tax Help

By Steven Shaw on 2/18/2013

How to Get Tax Help

Are you going to file your tax return on your own this year, or will you need a little help? Even if you are doing your own taxes you may find yourself stumped, if for example;

  • There have been some major changes in your life during the last year: divorce, marriage, adoption of a child, for example;
  • You opened, closed or sold a small business;
  • You’re one of the millions of taxpayers who received a 1099-C and can’t figure out how to fill out Form 982 on your own;
  • You had investment gains or losses, or you bought or sold property;
  • You are being audited.

According to the IRS, 56.3% of taxpayers used paid preparers in 2010. That means fewer than half of us complete our tax returns on our own.

If you need help filling out these forms, your first question may be, “How do I find someone to help?” Your second question may be, “How much will it cost?”