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850,000 Homeowners Climb out of Underwater Mortgages

By Steve Ely on 6/17/2013
During the recent housing downturn, borrowers nationwide saw the value of their homes slip so considerably that they ended up owing more on their mortgages than the properties were worth

. However, that trend has slowly been reversing itself for some time, thanks to the market’s turnaround, and that continued into the first quarter of the year.

"underwater mortgage" "Short Sale"

Home Short Sales are on the rise

By Steve Ely on 7/27/2012

Short Sales are a hot topic in real estate right now, and this article in Credit.com provides some very useful current insight.  We work with American Equity Foundation, a non-profit that is focused on keeping underwater-mortgage consumers in their home.  They have a great program that you can check out at www.AEFNSP.org

"underwater mortgage" "Short Sale"