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Use your cell phone bill to your advantage

By Steve Ely on 4/17/2013
Jeanne's right - in the past your cell phone bill (if gone unpaid) could only hurt your credit, since cell phone providers don't typically report your positive payment history to the national credit reporting agencies.  eCredable is changing the game, by allowing you to get "credit" for paying your cell phone bill on time (along with other bills like rent, utilities, and insurance).  If you don't have enough traditional credit history to produce a traditional credit score, try alternative credit.  eCredable can help you qualify for a home loan or auto loan right now. 
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The First Thing To Do Before Applying For a Credit Card

By Steven Shaw on 3/21/2013

The First Thing To Do Before Applying For a Credit Card

Whether you love shopping or loathe it, hunting for a great credit card is one of those shopping expeditions that is well worth it. The deal you snag now on a new card can pay off handsomely in coming years. But before you jump in and start comparing credit card interest rates, fees or rewards, there’s one step you won’t want to overlook: reviewing your credit reports and scores.

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Is VantageScore’s New Score Range Good for Consumers?

By Steven Shaw on 3/18/2013

Is VantageScore's New Score Range Good for Consumers?

Last week, VantageScore, the 7-year-old credit scoring company owned by the three major nationwide consumer credit reporting agencies (CRAs) — Equifax, Experian and TransUnion — took a big step in the direction of making credit scores easier for consumers to understand, as it abandoned the score range of 501-990 it has used since inception. With its new 3.0 model, VantageScore has adopted the range of 300-850, making it consistent with the score range long held by FICO scores.

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Should You Be Worried About Credit Report Inquiries?

By Steven Shaw on 3/4/2013

Should You Be Worried About Credit Report Inquiries?

Some things never change when it comes to what annoys people about credit scores. While consumers’ understanding of credit scores has evolved over the years, within that always-increasing level of understanding there remain some parts of credit scoring, such as inquiries, that people just don’t seem to get. They get the idea of late payments and maxed out credit cards predicting risk. But inquiries?

A credit inquiry is a notation that goes on your credit report every time your credit report is accessed by anyone with a “permissible purpose,” as defined by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Inquiries remain on a credit report for two years, and generally fall into two categories: hard and soft inquiries. Only hard inquiries from within the past year can impact credit scores. Older hard inquiries and soft inquiries are ignored by the scores entirely.

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