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How to Talk to a Credit Bureau

By Steven Shaw on 1/29/2014
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The Surprising Way Debt Collectors Know Where You Work

By Steven Shaw on 3/7/2013

The Surprising Way Debt Collectors Know Where You Work

It is “perhaps one of the most powerful and private databases of American’s personal information ever created, containing 190 million employment and salary records, covering more than one-third of US adults.” That comes from the opening paragraph of a recent story by Bob Sullivan, author of the very popular blog The Red Tape Chronicles.

I interviewed him recently about what he learned while researching this largely unknown database. He really got my attention when he started talking about how debt collectors use this information. At Credit.com we’ve received numerous complaints from consumers who are being called at work by debt collectors, and this may be the way they are tracking down debtors on the job. Following is an excerpt from that interview, edited slightly for clarity.

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