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7 Key Money Lessons for 20-Somethings

By Steven Shaw on 7/10/2013

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It’s a hard time to be a 20-something. The world has concocted a troubling cocktail of economic trends and turned them loose against today’s young people one after another, almost as if to say, “How will you respond to this?”

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5 Tips to Survive an Unpaid Internship

By Steven Shaw on 7/1/2013

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Year in and year out, it’s the same story: Young students grasp at the first rungs of the career ladder by accepting temporary positions with an organization, unpaid but promising new skills, rich learning experiences and professional connections. Internships like this have been lauded as an important way to pave a young professional’s way to future endeavors, with about 75% of students at four-year universities graduating having completed at least one internship.

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Student Loan Debt Keeping Millennials From Home, Car Loans

By Steven Shaw on 4/19/2013

CFPB Takes Aim at Discriminatory Auto Lending

In recent years many studies have shown just how burdensome student loan balances have become for millions of borrowers across the country, but new data shows they are likely also playing a role in those consumers’ ability or desire to take on other types of debt. That trend could have a serious negative impact on both the housing and the auto markets.

Millions of young Americans may now be actively trying to avoid applying for mortgages and auto loans as a result of the massive amount of student financing they have taken on, according to new research from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The percentage of 25-year-olds with outstanding student loan debt has grown to 43% through the end of 2012, up from just 25% nine years earlier. And at the same time, the average amount of debt held on those balances climbed to $20,326, an increase of 91% from 2003′s $10,649.

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Do We Need to Change Bankruptcy Rules for Student Loans?

By Steven Shaw on 3/8/2013

Do We Need to Change Bankruptcy Rules for Student Loans?

This is the fourth article in a series devoted to consumer issues for National Consumer Protection Week March 3-8.

Ever since the Guaranteed Student Loan Program was established under the Higher Education Act of 1965 — offering government-guaranteed loans to students — an ongoing debate has ensued over whether a student loan borrower should have the same option of discharging the debt in bankruptcy as consumers facing default on other types of debt.

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