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Auto Lenders lower Credit Score requirements

By Steve Ely on 12/11/2012

Auto Lenders continue to lower the credit score requirements for people looking for a new or used vehicle.  If you don't have a credit score, you can use eCredable and get a loan from RoadLoans after you earn an A or B AMP Credit Rating.

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Don’t Find Yourself Out Of Luck When Applying For An Apartment Without A Credit Score.

By Susan Cataldo on 7/2/2012

Is it difficult to rent a home or apartment without a credit score? In the eyes of at least some landlords, you betcha!

I ran across an interesting article at FinancialSamuri.com that highlights just that. http://www.financialsamurai.com/2012/07/01/landlords-need-a-credit-report-score-for-apartment/ It outlines one landlord’s criteria for deciding which applicant to rent to when he has several potential tenants. Because he is understandably concerned about finding a tenant who will always pay the rent, he relies almost exclusively on credit scores. But what happens in this situation if you don’t have a credit score? Are you just out of luck??? You don’t have to be if you pay regular bills and have an Alternative Credit Report and Alternative Credit Rating.

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