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Can You Cancel a Credit Card & Avoid the Annual Fee?

By Steven Shaw on 10/6/2014

Can You Cancel a Credit Card & Avoid the Annual Fee?

Rewards credit card users love earning valuable points, miles and cash back with their cards, but they hate the annual fees that many of the top cards require. Naturally, many are left to wonder if there is a way to close their account after getting their rewards to avoid paying its annual fee.

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Can You Raise Your Credit Score 100 Points in a Month?

By Steven Shaw on 9/16/2014

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 Improving your credit score often requires a lot of patience, because a good credit score is built on years of responsible habits. If you’ve made mistakes, they can be challenging to recover from, but it’s a doable goal. Of course, if you want to buy a home, take out a personal loan or get a new credit card, you may not have a lot of time to boost your score. You need a quick route to the next-highest tier of credit quality if you want loan approval and affordable interest rates.

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Paying more on your credit cards leads to better credit

By Steve Ely on 8/1/2013

You probably already knew this, but a recent study from TransUnion provides the proof that this really works.  Consumers who pay their balances off every month (or at least pay higher amounts), are much less likely to default on their credit cards, which means they're lower risk for lenders.  Lower risk = better rates.

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The Future of Credit Cards

By Steve Ely on 5/8/2013

Interesting article on the changing habits of consumers regarding credit cards.  Our customers are leaning more towards the use of Prepaid Debit Cards, because it gives them the discipline of managing their cash flow without going over the balance available on the card.  You can't spend it, if you don't have it!

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The 11 Most Common Cred Questions

By Steve Ely on 3/28/2013

Some great tips from one of my favorite credit experts!

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5 Things You Should Never Put on a Credit Card

By Steven Shaw on 3/26/2013

5 Things You Should Never Put on a Credit Card

Credit cards are powerful financial instruments, but cardholders must use them carefully to avoid becoming trapped in a cycle of debt. At the same time, it can be difficult for cardholders to contemplate a huge expense knowing that a bank has already extended them sufficient credit to just charge it.

Yet a credit card is often the worst means of finance. Credit card debt is unsecured and typically carries a higher interest rate than a car or home loan. And unlike a home mortgage or student loan, credit card debt is never tax deductible.

Of all the things that be financed with a credit card, here are the five worst:

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