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The New Grad’s Guide to Student Loan Debt

By Steven Shaw on 6/10/2015

guide to student loan debt

Finishing college is surely cause to celebrate — but it is also time for some hard realities to hit. Once you send in your last college assignment and get the perfect champagne-popping picture, your mind may start wandering to the future. No matter your post-grad plans, you will likely have to start working on paying back those pesky student loans. You may think you figured all this out freshman year, but check out the guide below to help transition from student to graduate (and debtor).

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Life After College: Are You Financially Ready?

By Steven Shaw on 3/29/2013

Life After College: Are You Financially Ready?

College students of years past used to spend four (sometimes five) years working to find their passion, build their skills and networks, and find a job in the “real world.” However, today’s college students have a whole new challenge to face: dealing with debt in a slow job market. With average student loan debt hovering just under $30,000, the pressure to find a job — and to find one that pays — is on now more than ever. So if you’re a college senior and getting worried about the financial future that awaits, read on for tips to help you prepare.

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