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Can I Get a Car Loan With No Credit?

By Steven Shaw on 10/17/2015

Is Your Car Loan Too Expensive?

If you don’t use credit or just started building it, chances are you have no credit file or maybe just a thin one — it’s there, but there’s not much to it. That can leave you with a low credit score or no credit score at all, which may make it difficult to get credit when you need it.

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What to Do If Your Car Loan Outlasts Your Car

By Steven Shaw on 5/20/2015

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What happens if your car loan lasts longer than your car? While you may have every intention of driving a car long after it’s paid off, an accident (and inadequate insurance), expensive repairs, or mysterious problems your mechanic can’t fix could leave you with a vehicle that’s out of commission even though you’re still making payments. 

How to Get a Car Loan After Bankruptcy

By Steven Shaw on 3/30/2015

How to Get A Car Loan After Bankruptcy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Buying a car can feel stressful enough, but when you have been through bankruptcy it may feel downright terrifying. No matter what the circumstances that led to your filing — large medical bills or a job loss, for example — you probably feel embarrassed and afraid that no one’s going to want to give you the time of day, much less a decent loan.

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What Credit Score Do I Need to Buy a Car?

By Steven Shaw on 9/12/2014

What Credit Score Do You Need to Get An Auto Loan?

You know it’s time to for a new vehicle, but there’s one thing holding you back: your credit. You aren’t sure what credit score you need to buy a car. If you absolutely must get another vehicle, you can probably find a way to finance it. The real question is what it will cost you. The better your credit, the better your options, and a big factor will be your credit scores.


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How Much Does a $20K Car Loan Really Cost You?

By Steven Shaw on 5/14/2014

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Quick question: On a $20,000, 60-month auto loan, about how much more would a borrower with a low credit score pay than a borrower with a high score? Would you say…

Under $1,000

  • $1,000-$3,000
  • $3,000-$5,000, or
  • More than $5,000
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    Leasing a Car Is Getting Cheaper

    By Steven Shaw on 2/7/2014

    leasing a car 

    The average monthly payment for leasing a car has been declining in recent months, according to data released by Swapalease.com, an online marketplace for auto leases.

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    It May Be Getting Easier to Get a Car Lease

    By Steven Shaw on 1/17/2014

    It's Getting Easier to Get a Car Lease 

    It can be tricky to get approved for a car lease, since they tend to be geared toward consumers with credit scores on the higher side. It goes a bit like this: As far as average credit scores of borrowers are concerned, it’s easiest to get a used car loan, but the bar is set higher for new car loans, and leases are a little more exclusive.

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    How Does Driving Affect Your Credit?

    By Steven Shaw on 12/10/2013

    driving affect your credit

    My daughter recently turned 15, and one of the first things she did on her birthday was to take an online test required to get her learner’s permit. She passed, and now she’s driving. I don’t have to lecture her on safe driving habits; she’s been doing that to me for years. And she’s more up to speed on the rules of the road than I am.

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    A Record Number of Americans Turn to Auto Loans

    By Steven Shaw on 9/24/2013


    A record number of consumers took out an auto loan or lease when car shopping in the second quarter of 2013. According to Experian Automotive’s analysis of second-quarter data, 84.5% of consumers used financing when getting a new car.

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    The Best Used Cars of 2013

    By Steven Shaw on 9/16/2013


    Honda and Toyota had the most models make Edmunds.com’s Best Used Cars for 2013, filling out nearly half the list with four vehicles each. Ford also placed well, with three of its models making the list.

    Edmunds.com, a site that provides research and car-shopping tools, issues the annual list based on vehicle reliability, safety, value and availability. Only vehicle model years 2006 to 2011 were eligible.

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    The Best Used Cars of 2013