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People Are Paying More Than Ever for Their Car Loans

By Steven Shaw on 6/10/2014

People Are Paying More Than Ever for Their Car Loans

The average monthly payment for a new car was $474 in the first quarter, the highest it’s ever been since Experian Automotive started publicly reporting the data in 2006. The average new auto loan term has also increased to a new high of 66 months.

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Are You Getting the Best Rate on Your Car Loan?

By Steven Shaw on 11/19/2013

Car dealers and auto loans

It’s no secret that car dealers rely on the lending community — banks and-auto industry-owned finance companies — to help close sales. What’s less well-known is how they benefit from these relationships.

Many lenders allow the auto dealerships with which they partner to negotiate and document loans on their behalf. Some even let them increase the base interest rates, which can substantially enhance the dealer’s already profitable sale. Here’s how.

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5 Loans That Don't Require Good Credit

By Steve Ely on 1/31/2013

Another great article by Gerri Detweiler, which features one of our business partners - RoadLoans

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The 6 Biggest Ways Bad Credit Can Mess Up Your Life

By Steven Shaw on 1/21/2013

The 6 Biggest Ways Having Bad Credit Can Mess Up Your Life

Bad credit is something you don’t want associated with your finances. Unfortunately, you may have less than stellar credit at some point in your life. Credit scores represent a person’s credit worthiness, designed to show a lending institution who is a good investment, and who is… not so much. Banks believe that credit scores — i.e. past financial behavior — are a good indication of an individual’s future financial behavior. Whether or not you agree with that statement, the negative effects of having bad credit are undeniable.

Here’s a list of things that can get pricey or are unattainable if you have bad credit.

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eCredable included in roundup of The Biggest Credit Stories of 2012

By Steve Ely on 12/21/2012

Thanks to Gerri Detweiler for noticing the importance of eCredable, and our ability to help consumers without a traditional credit history get a car loan.  Here's some other great credit related stories for 2012.

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Should you ask someone to co-sign a loan for you?

By Steve Ely on 11/13/2012

When you don't have any credit, and you need a loan, it's natural to ask friends and family for help.  (My Dad co-signed for my first car loan, and fortunately did not have to regret it).  Until eCredable existed, you really had no choice.  But with eCredable, you can actually get a car loan without having to ask someone to co-sign for you, as long as you have a solid history of paying your bills on time.

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