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I Improved My Credit Score. Can I Get a Better Credit Card Now?

By Steven Shaw on 12/16/2015

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Have you worked hard to pay your bills on time and reduce your debt in order to improve your credit history? If so, it might be time to see if your hard work’s paid off by trying to get a better credit card. Here’s how you can leverage your improved credit score to get a credit card with better rates, rewards and benefits.

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What’s in Your Wallet? Money Experts Name Their Favorite Credit Cards

By Steven Shaw on 11/9/2015

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If you are like most Americans, then you probably don’t think all that much about what credit cards you use. But what about the country’s top personal finance and travel bloggers? These are people who spend all day thinking about the best ways to make their money go further and earn the most rewards.

Can I Get a Car Loan With No Credit?

By Steven Shaw on 10/17/2015

Is Your Car Loan Too Expensive?

If you don’t use credit or just started building it, chances are you have no credit file or maybe just a thin one — it’s there, but there’s not much to it. That can leave you with a low credit score or no credit score at all, which may make it difficult to get credit when you need it.

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Can a Credit Card Improve Your Credit?

By Steven Shaw on 7/17/2015

Can a Credit Card Improve Your Credit?

Many consumers see credit cards as a gateway to debt. While they certainly give you the opportunity to spend money you don’t have, when used responsibly, their powers can be harnessed for good, not evil.

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6 Credit Cards for New Grads

By Steven Shaw on 5/11/2015

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May is the time of year for new beginnings as students graduate from high school and college and start on their next phase of life. With this transition, many graduates will have new financial requirements as well, and may need their first credit card. Yet with hundreds of different cards offered by dozens of issuers, it can be very difficult for new credit card users to find a product that will meet their needs, and one that they can be approved for.

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How Do They Decide What My Credit Card Limit Should Be?

By Steven Shaw on 5/6/2015
How Do They Decide What My Credit Card Limit Should Be?First you cross your fingers hoping you’ll get approved for the credit card you want. Then you cross them again hoping the credit limit will be generous enough to get you what you want. Maybe you need it to pay for some expensive dental work you have to get done. Or perhaps you are applying for a 0% balance-transfer offer so you can transfer debt from other, higher-interest cards. Either way, the credit limit they give you is a few hundred, or a few thousand dollars short of what you need — and you have no idea why. How did they even come up with that number?
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5 Credit Cards for Teens

By Steven Shaw on 4/10/2015

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When Americans turn 18, they are considered adults under the law. That means that they can vote and be tried as an adult, but it’s also the first time that they are able to apply for a credit card account in their own name, though they’ll have to jump through a few hoops first.

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Can My Credit Card Company Raise My Interest Rate?

By Steven Shaw on 2/27/2015

 Can My Credit Card Company Raise My Interest Rate?

The recent announcement from American Express that it will raise interest rates for more than 1 million cardholders has a lot of people asking questions, like how this change will affect them or whether or not this could be the start of an industry-wide trend.

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4 Reasons to Pay Your Credit Card Bill Before It’s Due

By Steven Shaw on 1/20/2015

4 Reasons to Pay Your Credit Card Bill Before It's Due

There are many good reasons to never pay your credit card bill late, but are there any good reasons to pay it early? It would seem to go against all common sense to send in a payment well before the due date, but the more you understand about how credit cards and credit reports work, it can be smart idea under some circumstances.

Here are four reasons why you might consider paying your credit card early.

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You’re Finally Getting Your First Credit Card: How to Choose

By Steven Shaw on 1/6/2015

You're Finally Getting Your First Credit Card: How to Choose

At the start of a new year, people often commit to improving their finances, which in many cases involves a focus on building credit. If you don’t have a credit card, getting one (and using it properly) may be one of your best options.

Before you start filling out applications, there are a few things you need to do to make sure getting a credit card will help your finances. Too often, people misunderstand or misuse credit cards, damaging their credit and falling into debt in the process.

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