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I Have Too Many Credit Cards. What Do I Do?

By Steven Shaw on 8/13/2013

too many unused credit cards

We recently received a question from a reader who wants to know if there’s any way she can close unused credit cards without hurting her credit scores and how taking this action could impact her credit overall:

I have at least ten credit cards and I only use two of them — Amazon and a Discover card that I only use when I shop Costco. I really want to close the other accounts since I have so many, but I keep hearing how it can hurt your credit. I do not have a balance on any of the cards including the Amazon card. Is there anything else I can do? 

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When’s the Best Time to Apply for a Credit Card?

By Steven Shaw on 8/5/2013

apply for a credit card

There is no doubt that Americans are bombarded by credit card offers throughout their day. These applications for new cards appear at retailers, on airplanes, in the mail, and of course, right here on the Internet. So with no shortage of opportunities, credit card users are left with the question: When is the ideal time to apply for a credit card?

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Should the Govt Be Allowed to Charge You a Credit Card Fee?

By Steven Shaw on 7/30/2013

credit card surcharges

The big news in the credit card industry this year has been the settlement between credit card payment networks and retailers that has opened the door to merchants charging credit card surcharges. Although this agreement is largely meaningless in the ten states that currently prohibit these credit card surcharges, there are exceptions to these agreements and regulations. Case in point: in most states, government entities and public agencies have always been able to impose surcharges on credit card transactions.

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