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How to Stagger Your Bills

By Steven Shaw on 11/4/2013

How to Stagger Your Bills

Each month, most of us have a plethora of bills to pay. Depending on your income and how often you get paid, it can be a huge loss for you to make all of your payments around the same time every month.

In order to prevent this from happening, there’s a strategy you can implement to make your pay schedule work for you: by changing your billing due dates.

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5 Habits That Can Wreck Your Credit

By Steven Shaw on 9/17/2013

habits that can wreck your credit

Have you ever driven home from work and then not remembered a thing about your drive? Have you ever stepped on the scale and wondered how those extra pounds appeared?

Blame it on habits. Habits are those activities we do unconsciously because we’ve done them so many times before. We’re not even fully aware when we’re doing them, and then the results tend to pile up unseen.

Of course, credit is one of those things that can suffer from bad habits. So let’s take a look at five bad habits that can wreck your credit:

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