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What to Do If You Can’t Pay a Bill

By Steven Shaw on 4/28/2016



It can be stressful to realize you can’t cover all your bills. Regardless of how it happened — unforeseen circumstances like a job loss or emergency, or a mistake like forgetting about a payment — the bills have to be paid. You can’t escape it.

The best thing to do when you find yourself in this troubling situation is to work through things one at a time to find a solution that fits your budget and minimizes any damage to your credit or finances.

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How to Stagger Your Bills

By Steven Shaw on 11/4/2013

How to Stagger Your Bills

Each month, most of us have a plethora of bills to pay. Depending on your income and how often you get paid, it can be a huge loss for you to make all of your payments around the same time every month.

In order to prevent this from happening, there’s a strategy you can implement to make your pay schedule work for you: by changing your billing due dates.

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How Technology Can Help You Build Credit

By Steven Shaw on 9/20/2013

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Is life getting busier? It seems to be. Parents with school-aged children seem to be busier than I was when my daughter was young (she’s just starting college this month!), and I think I was busier than my parents were when I was a child.

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