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More Than Half of Students Don’t Check Their Credit Scores

By Steven Shaw on 8/3/2015

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For the most part, there’s no good reason to not check your credit score. There are so many places you can get free credit scores, so access isn’t an issue, and even though all those scores are a bit different, they can be very helpful as you make financial decisions. Checking your credit scores is so easy (you can get your free credit score right here on Credit.com), you can make it part of your personal finance routine from the start of your adult life. But that’s not what people actually do.

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The True Cost of Bad Credit

By Steven Shaw on 5/6/2014

The True Cost of Bad Credit 

Life’s easier if you have good credit, financially speaking. It can be challenging to get to that point, but aiming for great credit is a worthwhile goal, considering how costly it can be to have bad credit.

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How to Pick a Credit Card When You Have Few Options

By Steven Shaw on 11/18/2013

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There are all sorts of reasons that people find themselves ineligible for a credit card.

Some lack a credit history simply because they have never applied for a loan or put any bills in their name. Also, recent immigrants will find that their credit reports are blank slates, almost as if they had not existed before coming to this country.

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A Record Number of Americans Turn to Auto Loans

By Steven Shaw on 9/24/2013


A record number of consumers took out an auto loan or lease when car shopping in the second quarter of 2013. According to Experian Automotive’s analysis of second-quarter data, 84.5% of consumers used financing when getting a new car.

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