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How Co-Signing Can Affect More Than Just Your Credit Score

By Steven Shaw on 6/6/2013

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When I was 23, I was having a real problem getting approved for a car loan. My income was entry level, my credit score solid but my history limited.  So when the numbers refused to add up, the “advice” I was given by just about every used car salesperson I came across was, “You could always ask your parents to co-sign on a loan for you.”

My response was always a drawn out, “Ehhh…”

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Avoid These Five Credit Pitfalls

By Steven Shaw on 6/4/2013

For immigrant entrepreneurs not accustomed to the US financial culture, credit management may seem a daunting task. Learning from others’ mistakes could make it easier to tackle. This story is the final installment of the series on how to achieve business success in a credit-driven country.

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Should you ask someone to co-sign a loan for you?

By Steve Ely on 11/13/2012

When you don't have any credit, and you need a loan, it's natural to ask friends and family for help.  (My Dad co-signed for my first car loan, and fortunately did not have to regret it).  Until eCredable existed, you really had no choice.  But with eCredable, you can actually get a car loan without having to ask someone to co-sign for you, as long as you have a solid history of paying your bills on time.

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