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How to Graduate From a Secured Credit Card

By Steven Shaw on 5/26/2015

How to Graduate From a Secured Credit Card

When you have bad credit, it can feel like no one will give you a loan, even though you can’t rebuild your credit history without one. Secured credit cards can offer a way out of this conundrum because issuers typically approve nearly all applicants for these kind of cards, regardless of credit history.

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Secured credit cards

How Do They Decide What My Credit Card Limit Should Be?

By Steven Shaw on 5/6/2015
How Do They Decide What My Credit Card Limit Should Be?First you cross your fingers hoping you’ll get approved for the credit card you want. Then you cross them again hoping the credit limit will be generous enough to get you what you want. Maybe you need it to pay for some expensive dental work you have to get done. Or perhaps you are applying for a 0% balance-transfer offer so you can transfer debt from other, higher-interest cards. Either way, the credit limit they give you is a few hundred, or a few thousand dollars short of what you need — and you have no idea why. How did they even come up with that number?
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5 Credit Cards for Teens

By Steven Shaw on 4/10/2015

credit cards for teens

When Americans turn 18, they are considered adults under the law. That means that they can vote and be tried as an adult, but it’s also the first time that they are able to apply for a credit card account in their own name, though they’ll have to jump through a few hoops first.

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Under the CARD Act of 2009

5 Credit Cards to Help You Build Credit

By Steven Shaw on 3/9/2015

credit cards to help you build credit

Do you need to build your credit? Perhaps you are a young adult who has never had a credit card, or maybe you are a new arrival to the U.S. without a credit history here. Others may need to build credit after having gone decades without applying for any type of loan.

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Secured Credit Card

The Credit Card Perk That Can Mean a Big Tax Bill

By Steven Shaw on 2/5/2015

big tax bill

If you are paying for a credit protection plan that will help you make payments if you become disabled or unemployed, you no doubt hope it will provide some peace of mind in the event you have to use it. But that peace of mind may be shattered when you learn that using it could result in an unexpected tax bill.

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How to Boost Your Odds of Getting Approved for a Credit Card

By Steven Shaw on 1/15/2015

getting approved for a credit card

Everyone hates rejection. And while a personal rejection stings, having a credit card application rejected can be even worse. Applicants may feel that a card issuer has made a judgment on their entire credit history and found them lacking. In fact, even people with high credit scores can be declined and wonder why.

Thankfully, here are six techniques that you can use to maximize your chances of being approved for the credit cards you want.

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5 People Who Should Avoid Credit Cards Like the Plague

By Steven Shaw on 12/22/2014

avoid credit cards

Should you really be using a credit card?

For people who manage their cards responsibly, the answer is probably yes. These credit card users enjoy the security and convenience of these products, while making use of helpful perks and even earning valuable rewards. At the same time, others continue to find credit cards detrimental to their finances for a variety of reasons.

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How to Rebuild Your Credit Without Using Credit Cards

By Steven Shaw on 11/24/2014

rebuild your credit

Credit cards can be a polarizing subject. Many Americans love them for their security and convenience, but these very same qualities lead many cardholders into debt. After becoming overextended, cardholders may miss payments and find themselves with ruined credit.

So the last thing these people need is to try to rebuild their credit by using more plastic. Thankfully, there are several ways to improve your credit profile without using credit cards.

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rebuilding credit

Will More Credit Cards Help Me Build Credit Faster?

By Steven Shaw on 10/8/2014

build credit faster

If a credit card can help you build credit, then can having more cards help you build credit faster? It’s a question we’ve heard from a few people recently. A woman I’ll call “Lois” reached out to us on Facebook. She says she’s careful with her finances, and even though she has credit cards, she hasn’t been using them.

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Why These Millennials Don’t Have Credit Cards

By Steven Shaw on 9/22/2014

Why These Millennials Don't Have Credit Cards

If you ask a young consumer about the contents of his wallet, there’s pretty good chance he’ll tell you he has a debit card in it, if a recent survey is any indication. The prevalence of ecommerce and mobile banking practically makes it a necessity to have a payment card of some kind if you want to engage in the modern economy, but among the youngest adult generation, debit cards are the favorite. 



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