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Building your eCredable profile is as easy as linking your online utility accounts

By Steve Ely on 1/9/2017
The majority of the bill payment history contained in your eCredable Credit Report comes from you utility accounts.  In 2016, we added the capability to link up to 8 eligible utility accounts - gas, water, power, mobile phone, land lineinternet, cable and satellite TV.  It's much easier - and much cheaper - to add payment information to your eCredable Credit Report when you link accounts.  Before you get started, make sure you already have online accounts set up at your utility companies.  When you link these accounts to your eCredable profile you'll need to share your log-in credentials so we can access your account and download up to 24 months of payment history.  Then every month going forward, we'll log-in again and get the current months payment history.  


And here's an added bonus.  All the information we're able to download will allow us to gather the data necessary to demonstrate how useful this payment history would be if it were added to your credit file at one of the major credit bureaus.  Just imagine adding your mobile phone, internet, power and gas bills to your credit bureau credit file and impacting your FICO Score!  That's what we're working on and you can help us help you by making this a reality.  The more accounts you link, the faster we get the data we need.  So spread the word to your friends and get them to help out too!

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7 Tips to Get Your New Year’s Money Resolution Started Off Right

By Steven Shaw on 1/2/2014

7 Tips to Get Your New Year’s Money Resolution Started Off Right

So 2014 is the year of the great financial leap forward, eh? You are finally going to get your finances on track. Bravo, you Fiscal Warrior! But like many a New Year’s resolution about diets, exercise or de-cluttering, the  seeming enormity of the task always becomes one of the big reasons that we end up breaking our promise by February.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Many of us spend more time watching TV shows we don’t even like than we would need to fix our finances. Just follow these seven easy tips and not only will you be on the road to financial stability, you’ll also realize how easy it is to stay on course.

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