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A Brief Guide to Never Doing Your Own Taxes Again

By Steven Shaw on 4/9/2015

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Maybe you wasted this past beautiful holiday weekend working on your taxes. Or perhaps, despite warnings about taxpayer ID theft, you still have midnight oil to burn between now and the April 15 deadline. Either way, you have probably mused, for at least a moment, that this will be the last time you do your own taxes. After all, by plenty of measures, tax prep is getting more and more complicated.

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The Credit Card Perk That Can Mean a Big Tax Bill

By Steven Shaw on 2/5/2015

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If you are paying for a credit protection plan that will help you make payments if you become disabled or unemployed, you no doubt hope it will provide some peace of mind in the event you have to use it. But that peace of mind may be shattered when you learn that using it could result in an unexpected tax bill.

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Could Your Spouse’s Tax Problems Affect You?

By Steven Shaw on 1/29/2015

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Dealing with tax problems is stressful enough. But it can be downright maddening to discover that your credit has been damaged over a tax bill you had nothing to do with. A Credit.com blog reader asked:

My wife’s credit report shows a tax lien from my taxes from before we were married. Is that legal?

Probably not, says Dan Pilla, the founder of TaxHelpOnline.com. In most cases, if the tax lien was filed against the husband, not the wife, then his wife’s “credit report should not show the lien,” he says. If they live in a community property state, though, the answer may be different. More on that in a moment.

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7 Tips to Get Your New Year’s Money Resolution Started Off Right

By Steven Shaw on 1/2/2014

7 Tips to Get Your New Year’s Money Resolution Started Off Right

So 2014 is the year of the great financial leap forward, eh? You are finally going to get your finances on track. Bravo, you Fiscal Warrior! But like many a New Year’s resolution about diets, exercise or de-cluttering, the  seeming enormity of the task always becomes one of the big reasons that we end up breaking our promise by February.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Many of us spend more time watching TV shows we don’t even like than we would need to fix our finances. Just follow these seven easy tips and not only will you be on the road to financial stability, you’ll also realize how easy it is to stay on course.

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