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5 Ways Your Kid Can Hurt Your Credit

By Steven Shaw on 10/13/2014

5 Ways Your Kid Can Hurt Your Credit

There’s plenty of information out there on what it costs to raise kids, so we know they can lighten your wallet. But they can also flatten your credit. But while paying for kids’ care is part of a parent’s job, letting your credit suffer because of their actions isn’t.

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How to Rent With Bad Credit

By Steven Shaw on 1/18/2014

rent with bad credit 

We’ve all heard about the importance of your credit scores when it comes to buying a home. But credit is important for renting as well. Some landlords won’t rent to people with low credit scores. This doesn’t mean you can’t rent a home or apartment, though. There are some ways to get around this and prove to a potential landlord that you can afford the home and will make payments on time.

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Rent With Bad Credit