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Most Students Think Debit Cards Build Credit (They’re Wrong)

By Steven Shaw on 9/28/2015
Sure, debit cards look almost identical to credit cards, but they’re very different. Among the biggest differences between these products is one of the most important: Debit cards do not have an effect on your credit score.
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6 Credit Card Mistakes Students Make

By Steven Shaw on 5/13/2014

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College students live in a sometimes-confusing world between childhood and adulthood. On one hand, young adults attending college away from home often live in supervised dormitories as they begin to take on some of the responsibilities of adulthood. On the other hand, those 18-year-olds (and older) are granted nearly all of the same rights and responsibilities of adults.

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College Students: Are You Making These 9 Money Mistakes?

By Steven Shaw on 1/19/2014

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When you were packing up to leave for college, how many times did financial management cross your mind? Let me guess; probably not many. More than likely, you were too busy listening to all the voices in your ears telling you to be safe, stay away from trouble and to study hard.

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