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Can I Get Last-Minute Insurance for Hurricane Matthew?

By Steven Shaw on 10/6/2016

Can I Get Last-Minute Insurance for Hurricane Matthew?

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For homeowners in the path of Hurricane Matthew who are uninsured or underinsured, it’s probably too late to get or add coverage. That’s because insurance companies generally stop writing coverage as soon as an area is under a hurricane warning.


5 Ways to Find Money in Your Budget

By Steven Shaw on 11/13/2013

5 Ways to Find Money in Your Budget

If you are really serious about taking your financial situation to the next level, start by taking a good hard look at what you spend on average each month. That’s because you have more control over your spending than any other part of your financial life. No matter how much money you make, if your spending is out of line with your resources, you’ll struggle, friend.

Real Cost of Home Ownership

Stay Out of Debt by Planning for the Inevitable

By Steven Shaw on 3/6/2013

Stay Out of Debt by Planning for the Inevitable

Are you ready for some tough love?

You are the cause of all your debt problems. You are solely responsible.

For some, this is a bitter pill to swallow. It doesn’t feel good. Facing this truth can be uncomfortable, but until you see the cause of your financial problems looking back at you in the mirror, you may never get out of your vicious cycle of debt.

Taking responsibility is difficult: It means you have to give up the victim role. But it is the only way you can empower yourself, take charge of your life, and permanently solve your financial difficulties.

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The 6 Biggest Ways Bad Credit Can Mess Up Your Life

By Steven Shaw on 1/21/2013

The 6 Biggest Ways Having Bad Credit Can Mess Up Your Life

Bad credit is something you don’t want associated with your finances. Unfortunately, you may have less than stellar credit at some point in your life. Credit scores represent a person’s credit worthiness, designed to show a lending institution who is a good investment, and who is… not so much. Banks believe that credit scores — i.e. past financial behavior — are a good indication of an individual’s future financial behavior. Whether or not you agree with that statement, the negative effects of having bad credit are undeniable.

Here’s a list of things that can get pricey or are unattainable if you have bad credit.

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How insurance companies use your credit history

By Steve Ely on 7/5/2012

This is a great article authored by Gerri Detweiler at Credit.com.  It really dispels many of the myths surrounding the use of credit information by insurance companies.