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How to Buy a House at the Right Price

By Steven Shaw on 2/17/2015

How to Buy a House at the Right Price

The housing market is making a comeback in many parts of the country.

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, sales of new houses increased by nearly 12% overall during 2014—the most since 2008—as interest rates remain at historic lows. RealtyTrac, a company that analyzes national housing data, also notes that 2015 marks the first wave of boomerang buyers—those who served their time in the damaged-credit diaspora after losing homes to foreclosure seven years before.

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Mortgage Rates Dip Below 4%

By Steven Shaw on 10/21/2014

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People thought it wouldn’t happen this year, but it did: Average 30-year fixed mortgage rates dipped below 4% last week, hitting their lowest level in 2014, Freddie Mac said in a news release.

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Mortgage Rates

Can You Still Get a Good Deal on a Home?

By Steven Shaw on 8/1/2014

Can You Still Get a Good Deal on a Home? 

The seesawing housing market continues to defy economists and expectations.

Pending home sales dipped in June after a string of strong months, catching many by surprise. Mortgage rates are sinking back down near historic lows. Home prices are on the rise, but inventory is still tight in some communities.

In short, it’s a tough time to talk trends and forecasts. But prospective homebuyers care a lot less about predictions than the picture on the ground. Despite the uncertainty, it’s still possible for the right buyer to land a good deal on a home this summer.

Here’s a look at three big reasons why.

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