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Is Your Car Loan Too Expensive?

By Steven Shaw on 7/28/2014

Is Your Car Loan Too Expensive? 

As the U.S. economy recovers from the recession, many lenders have eased financing standards, resulting in an increase in loans available to consumers with poor credit. The earliest and strongest recovery came in the auto market, and while a bump in subprime used-car lending has triggered some murmuring of a bubble, it appears to be more a resurgence of a market that was tightly restricted during the recession.

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Use your cell phone bill to your advantage

By Steve Ely on 4/17/2013
Jeanne's right - in the past your cell phone bill (if gone unpaid) could only hurt your credit, since cell phone providers don't typically report your positive payment history to the national credit reporting agencies.  eCredable is changing the game, by allowing you to get "credit" for paying your cell phone bill on time (along with other bills like rent, utilities, and insurance).  If you don't have enough traditional credit history to produce a traditional credit score, try alternative credit.  eCredable can help you qualify for a home loan or auto loan right now. 
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5 Loans That Don't Require Good Credit

By Steve Ely on 1/31/2013

Another great article by Gerri Detweiler, which features one of our business partners - RoadLoans

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Credit Unions Stay The Course During Auto Loan Surge

By Susan Cataldo on 8/6/2012

The Washington Post recently discussed a new phenomenon occurring throughout the auto loan world—a boost in auto loans for all borrowers, even those with sub-prime credit ratings.  Credit unions across the country are feeling the auto buying love.  Many report seeing a spike in overall auto loan demand and are loosening their underwriting requirements on borrowers, regardless of creditworthiness.

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