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How I Got Medical Debt Off My Credit Report & Raised My Credit Score

By Steven Shaw on 7/24/2015

I Improved My Credit by Getting Medical Debt Removed

How difficult is it to remove a collection account you didn’t know you had (and didn’t even owe) from your credit report? A couple we’ll call Jason and Karen could tell you. They want to buy a house, and he recently retired from the military. Thus, they want their credit to look as good as it possibly can.

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Help! I Never Got a Bill & Now My Credit Is Damaged

By Steven Shaw on 2/16/2015

Help! I Never Got a BillWhen it comes to getting a bill, no news isn’t always good news. While most of us would prefer to get fewer bills, not getting one for something you do indeed owe can be costly.

It can also be very damaging to your credit. One woman, for example, sent a heartfelt plea to her credit card company after she overlooked a $17 bill after the birth of her second child. She said the resulting late payments listed on her credit reports cost her thousands of dollars on her mortgage (due to the higher interest rate she had to pay because of her lower credit scores.) She’s not exaggerating: the average lifetime cost of debt for a typical person with excellent credit versus someone with bad credit can easily run into six figures.)

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