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11 Myths About Student Loan Forgiveness

By Steven Shaw on 8/31/2015

student loan forgiveness

If you have more student loan debt than you can handle, or if you’ve been paying and paying (and paying) and can’t make headway, chances are you’ve wondered about student loan forgiveness. As you look into your options, keep in mind that everything you read (or hear — even from your student loan servicer) may not be accurate. We asked experts who work with borrowers all the time to share the most common myths they hear about student loan forgiveness. Here are their top picks.

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Will Student Loan Forgiveness Hurt My Credit?

By Steven Shaw on 5/15/2015

student loan forgiveness

Last month, we heard from a reader who has been approved for student loan forgiveness but fears accepting it would damage the good credit he has worked hard to attain. He had tried to get answers but felt frustrated that he couldn’t seem to find out exactly how student loan forgiveness would be reported to the credit bureaus.

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