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How Co-Signing Can Affect More Than Just Your Credit Score

By Steven Shaw on 6/6/2013

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When I was 23, I was having a real problem getting approved for a car loan. My income was entry level, my credit score solid but my history limited.  So when the numbers refused to add up, the “advice” I was given by just about every used car salesperson I came across was, “You could always ask your parents to co-sign on a loan for you.”

My response was always a drawn out, “Ehhh…”

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Avoid These Five Credit Pitfalls

By Steven Shaw on 6/4/2013

For immigrant entrepreneurs not accustomed to the US financial culture, credit management may seem a daunting task. Learning from others’ mistakes could make it easier to tackle. This story is the final installment of the series on how to achieve business success in a credit-driven country.

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5 Mistakes New Cardholders Make

By Steven Shaw on 12/17/2012

5 Mistakes New Cardholders Make

Your brand new credit card arrives in the mail all shiny, just waiting for you to take it shopping. Before you break it in, though, watch out for these five mistakes new cardholders often make:

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