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Should You Take on a Part-Time Holiday Job?

By Steven Shaw on 12/7/2012

Should You Take on a Part-Time Holiday Job?

December has arrived, which means the holidays are in full swing. In a perfect world, we all would have set a holiday budget and saved for it all year long. But this isn’t a perfect world and most of us are spending this month scrambling to find gifts and the money to pay for them. So how can you manage to buy all the presents you need without going into massive amounts of credit card debt? One legitimate option is to take on a part-time job just for the holiday season. Let’s go over the pros and cons of this so you can decide if this is a solution that will work for you.

Pay Off Debts
"job application" credit history credit score
Extra Money
Store Discounts

Some jobs require that you have a "clean" credit report

By Steve Ely on 10/3/2012

There's always a lot of confusion around the use of credit reports and potential employers.  Just to be clear, potential employers do not use credit scores.  They're more concerned about your past performance relative to how you manage your financial life, so they want to read your credit report and look for trouble spots.  If they get a copy of your credit report and there's a collection notice in there because you failed to live up to a financial commitment, that's a red flag.  

In the attached article, Mitchell Weiss does a great job explaining this topic.  But what about people who have no traditional credit history, and therefore have no traditional credit report?  When the potential employer tries to check you out, what are they going to see?  A complete lack of information can be as bad as something negative in your credit report.  This is an area where eCredable can help.  If you have a solid history of paying your bills on time, your AMP Credit Report is a tool you can use when you apply for a job that will help the potential employer know you know how to manage certain aspects of your financial life (like paying your bills on time), even if you haven't gone into debt to create a traditional credit history.

"job application" credit history credit score