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What the New FHA Mortgage Limits Mean for You

By Steven Shaw on 12/18/2013

What the New FHA Loan Limits Mean for You

The Federal Housing Administration recently announced a reduction in high-cost area loan limits. This reduction comes in accordance with the government’s ongoing effort to retreat from the housing market. Rewind the clock back to 2008, when financial markets were significantly depressed, the economy was on the verge of recession — enter the FHA as the new outlet to support a frail housing sector.

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How Your Credit Can Drive Up the Cost of a Mortgage

By Steven Shaw on 8/15/2013

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Planning on getting a home loan anytime soon? Before you do, you should know that there are two types of loans that are inherently higher in cost than their traditional mortgage counterparts — and we’re not talking subprime or private money, either.

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4 Ways to Get a Mortgage for Little or No Money Down

By Steven Shaw on 1/14/2013

4 Ways to Get a Mortgage for Little or No Money Down

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