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The ABCs of Back-to-School Identity Theft Protection

By Steven Shaw on 8/7/2013


Parents, add this to your back-to-school shopping list: identity theft protection tips and supplies.

It’s that hectic time of year again when you’re repeatedly asked to share your child’s personal information for school registration, sports sign-up forms and dorm move-ins.

But you may be exposing your child to fraud when you’re filling out those forms. Every year, nearly 500,000 children under the age of 18 fall victim to identity theft. Identity thieves often target kids because they have pristine credit profiles and dormant Social Security numbers (SSNs).

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5 Places Where You Should Never Give Your Social Security Number

By Steven Shaw on 3/28/2013

5 Places Where You Should Never Give Your Social Security Number

Every time you go to a new doctor or dentist and they give you a clipboard brimming with documents to fill out and sign, notice how they always ask for your Social Security number? Do you dutifully give it up? Did you ever wonder if they really need it?

I once asked a doctor why he wanted it. His response: “I don’t really know. I guess it’s because we’ve always asked for it.” (In actuality, most doctors ask in case your insurance doesn’t pay the entire invoice and/or to fill out a death certificate if you die. Offer a next of kin who knows the number instead, and your phone number for billing issues.)

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Can Your Ex Spy on Your Credit?

By Steven Shaw on 1/22/2013

Is Your Ex Spying On Your Credit?

You may think — or wish — that your ex is out your life. But what happens when your ex decides to check your credit? It may not be difficult; after all, they probably know your Social Security number, as well as lots of personal details that would make it easy for them to pretend to be you, or to make it look like they have your permission. But is it legal? One of our readers asks:

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