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A Surprising Balance Transfer Credit Card Mistake

By Steven Shaw on 7/15/2014

A Surprising Balance Transfer Credit Card Mistake 

If you go to the store to buy a furnace filter and then get home and discover it’s the wrong size, you can usually return it and buy the one you need. But if you get a credit card and realize it’s not going to do the job you thought it would, you don’t have a similar option. A reader, Rachel, applied for a new card but now realizes she can’t use a promotional offer the way she planned and she doesn’t want the card. But she is worried about what canceling that card and applying for a different one will do to her credit score.

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How to Consolidate Your Holiday Debt

By Steven Shaw on 1/6/2014

holiday debt

If you’re looking at a pile of post-holiday debt, don’t panic: There are several ways to make the bills more manageable.

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The Best Credit Cards in America for Balance Transfers 2013

By Steven Shaw on 1/24/2013

The Best Credit Cards in America

With the holidays now behind us, many credit card users are left with debt that they will be paying off for some time. Therefore, January seems like the perfect time to explore the best balance transfer credit cards as part of our Best Credit Cards in America series.

The last two articles in our Best Credit Cards in America series focused on reward cards, which are best used by those who don’t carry credit card debt. By definition, a balance transfer card is for a cardholder who already has credit card debt. Therefore, I judged these cards by the features that help cardholders get out of debt, and ignored rewards programs that encourage customers to spend more money. Next, I narrowed down the field to cards that offer at least one year of interest-free financing on new purchases and balance transfers.

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