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How to Get a Credit Card If You Are a Student

By Steven Shaw on 12/5/2013

how to get a credit card if you are a student

Wanting or needing credit isn’t always as simple as filling out an application. Even college students, who have a lot of financial services marketed to them, may face obstacles when trying to get a credit card.

Why? A lot of it comes down to their credit history — or lack thereof. The length of your credit history has an impact on your credit scores — the longer your history of responsible credit usage, the better. Many 18-year-olds heading to college don’t have any credit history, which makes them an unknown to many lenders who may not be as willing to approve them for a credit card.

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Millennials Ignore Credit Cards. Should They?

By Steven Shaw on 6/20/2013

millennials ignore credit cards

More and more young people are opting for a cash lifestyle. By the end of 2012, 16% of Americans ages 18 to 29 didn’t use a single credit card, up from 8% in 2007, according to a study by credit score provider FICO.

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8 Worst Money Tips for New Grads

By Steven Shaw on 6/7/2013

money tips for grads

It’s not your fault you don’t know how to handle money matters. You can’t be blamed for not knowing what you weren’t taught. More than likely, your parents avoided talking about money management along with other uncomfortable adult subjects.

Since the best life lessons are learned through hard knocks, here are eight money tips that will ensure you experience college to the fullest, but that path could come along with debt, identity theft and a slew of other money headaches. You make the call.

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The Best Credit Cards in America for Balance Transfers 2013

By Steven Shaw on 1/24/2013

The Best Credit Cards in America

With the holidays now behind us, many credit card users are left with debt that they will be paying off for some time. Therefore, January seems like the perfect time to explore the best balance transfer credit cards as part of our Best Credit Cards in America series.

The last two articles in our Best Credit Cards in America series focused on reward cards, which are best used by those who don’t carry credit card debt. By definition, a balance transfer card is for a cardholder who already has credit card debt. Therefore, I judged these cards by the features that help cardholders get out of debt, and ignored rewards programs that encourage customers to spend more money. Next, I narrowed down the field to cards that offer at least one year of interest-free financing on new purchases and balance transfers.

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