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“We have written many mortgages using Alternative Credit, but eCredable® allows us to make this process easier and faster for the customer and ourselves.” - Mike Hardwick, CEO

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eCredable has teamed up with Churchill Mortgage to help people who don’t have a FICO® Score qualify for a home loan. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an experienced homeowner Churchill Mortgage has competitive rates and the expertise you need to plan ahead and navigate the home-buying process from start to finish.

How eCredable can help you qualify for a home loan through Churchill Mortgage.

eCredable enables you to create an AMP Credit Report® and AMP Credit Rating® based on bills not typically reported to the national credit bureaus. Churchill Mortgage can use your alternative credit bill payment information from rent, utilities, insurance, cable TV, mobile phones and other bills when evaluating you for a home loan when you don’t have a traditional credit score.

This checklist outlines some basic criteria for a loan application with Churchill Mortgage using an AMP Credit Report:

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    You cannot have a FICO Score. Your credit file cannot contain a bankruptcy or collection notice.

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    Make sure you have a minimum of four (4) alternative credit bills (accounts) that have been “paid as agreed” for the last 18 months, with one of them being a rental or lease payment.

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    Have at least a 20% down payment.

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    Your AMP Credit Rating needs to be an “A” or “B”.

Churchill Mortgage is licensed to do business in the following states: Gold Star

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Churchill's Preferred Provider Network has been established to provide the highest quality service to those who live in areas where Churchill Mortgage is not currently licensed. These friends of Churchill go through intensive training to ensure your satisfaction with your loan process.

If you need to call a Preferred Provider in your area, the toll free number 1-888-562-6200 will automatically direct you.

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About Churchill Mortgage
Churchill Mortgage is a prominent and financially sound leader in the mortgage industry, providing conventional, FHA, VA and USDA residential mortgages across 31 states. Unique within the industry, it is the only mortgage lender endorsed by nationally syndicated radio personality and personal finance expert and author, Dave Ramsey. Through its consultative approach to lending and strong commitment to local communities, the lender focuses on the right loan product for each borrower, providing the education and tools necessary to ensure borrowers’ financial stability. For more information about Churchill Mortgage, visit

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