How eCredable Lift Works

Step 1

Link your utility accounts to eCredable

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eCredable Lift® Connects to over 2,000 Utility Companies

  • You can link up to eight eligible utility account types: power, water, gas, waste, certain mobile phones, cable TV, satellite TV, internet, and landline phone.
  • eCredable securely downloads your account information and up to 24 months of payments directly from your online account on the utility company’s website.

Step 2

Report your utility payments to TransUnion automatically.

eCredable reports your payments to TransUnion to be included in your credit report. Only eCredable Lift can do this automatically.

  • After eCredable securely downloads up to 24 month of payments from your online utility account, we can report it to TransUnion in just a few days.
  • As long as your account is linked to eCredable, your payments can be automatically reported to TransUnion every month.
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Step 3

Raise your credit score in just a few days!


Raise your credit score even if you don’t have one - only with eCredable  Lift®.

I’m new to credit and don’t have a credit score.

Building a credit score from scratch can takes months – even years. You may be able to have a new credit report and credit score in a few days.

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I want to raise my credit score faster.

Nothing’s faster than reporting your utility payments to TransUnion to raise your credit scores in a just few days.

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I need to rebuild my credit.

Did you forget to make a payment on time? Reporting more positive information – like your on-time utility payments – can help your credit score recover in a few days.

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 Lift your credit score now!

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Important Information:

*Results may vary. Some may not see improved FICO Score 8 or VantageScore 3.0. Certain accounts or account information could have a negative impact. In order to maintain the quality of the credit reporting system, eCredable reports both positive and negative payment status information. If a payment were made 30 days or more past the due date, that payment would be reported as late. Not all lenders use TransUnion credit reports impacted by eCredable Lift and FICO Score 8 or Vantage Score 3.0.  Learn more

†Due to factors beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that all of your payments will be accepted by TransUnion even though these same accounts may meet eCredable’s data quality and reporting requirements.

‡eCredable has strict requirements for collecting and reporting payment information on your behalf. Some Utility Companies are excluded since they do not meet our security, data quality, or reporting requirements. eCredable does not link to all U.S. Utility Companies or Service Providers at this time.