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A credit report that puts you in control.

Once your bill verifications are complete, you decide which bills to include in your AMP Credit Report®.  The AMP Credit Score®  included with your report is based on the verified bill payment information you choose to include.  eCredable puts you in control of who sees your AMP Credit Report.  Nobody can access your AMP Credit Report and AMP Credit Score without your permission.

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Use your AMP Credit Report.

Your AMP Credit Report  is presented in industry standard format enabling lenders use your credit history to make decisions about whether to extend you new credit and services. It can be used to qualify for an auto loan, personal loan and home loan even if you don’t have a credit score. You are entitled to use your  AMP Credit Report  as a stand-alone credit report, or as a supplement to your Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion credit reports.

AMP Credit Report

How lenders use your AMP Credit Report.

Lenders can use your AMP Credit Report and AMP Credit Score in combination with other information about you to determine your creditworthiness. You will need to complete an application that might include information such as employment status and income. eCredable cannot guarantee your application will be approved based on your  AMP Credit Score  alone. Your approval for any offer will depend upon your individual creditworthiness and the lenders’ unique loan criteria and requirements.