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AMP = All My Payments

Easy to understand.

Your AMP Credit Score is like the letter grade you see on a "report card" ranging from A - F.  It is calculated from the bill payment information you decide to include in your AMP Credit Report. When you apply for credit – whether for a credit card, a car loan, or a mortgage – lenders and service providers may use your  AMP Credit Score, along with other information such as income, down payments, and employment status to qualify you for affordable loans and credit at more competitive rates.

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Where does my credit score stand today?

AMP Score Watch will show you that!  After you enter your bill payment information, you can instantly see your preliminary AMP Credit Score.  AMP Score Watch projects your AMP Credit Score based on the bill payment information you enter in your account. In addition, AMP Score Watch alerts you on a monthly basis of any changes to your AMP Credit Score making it easy to stay on top of your credit picture and see your progress over time.

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Your best course of action.

The AMP Credit Score Estimator helps you take the guesswork out of where your alternative credit stands today. Use the interactive  AMP Credit Score Estimator to "estimate" how certain bill payment scenarios may affect your AMP Credit Score over time. The  AMP Credit Score Estimator can help you plan your financial activities and achieve the best possible AMP Credit Score.

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